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US Department of Justice announced on the 3rd, 16 FIFA official corruption unfold, extortion, wire fraud and money laundering charges 92. This is just, again in May this year after the US State Department official corruption to FIFA as "red."

US Department of Justice said in a statement the day of eight South American soccer officials, FIFA vice president, North America and the Caribbean, Howett, president and member of the International Executive Committee of 16 people involved in the 7 North and South America and the Caribbean, Napot South American Football Association president also listed.

Reporters from Switzerland The Justice Department said the United States should ask the Swiss Justice Department have arrested Howett am local time and will Naboth in Zurich Baur au Lac hotel three days. According to a bilateral extradition agreement, Dawn, within 40 days of the formal justice extradition United States Department of requests.

US Department of Justice said in a statement that in the past two decades, 16 FIFA officials in Latin America Championship and World Cup qualifiers market sale of development rights has repeatedly accepting bribes and kickbacks, huge amount. The statement said that if convicted, the people involved will be up to 20 years in prison.

This is the United States Department of Justice official corruption FIFA again a year "red" within. In May this year, the US Department of Justice grounds 9 FIFA officials extortion, fraud, money laundering and corruption and alleged 5 sports marketing executives doubt.

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3 US Attorney Lynch, said in a statement, FIFA 16 low-cost gold sales Justice Department will always be committed to eradicate corruption in the field of international football. She said that those who are still hidden in the shadow of corruption will eventually escape. As of now, there are 12 people who pleaded guilty to two sports marketers, the United States Department of Justice and agreed to pay a fine of $ 1.9.

— Tuesday, December 08, 2015