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 When organizations encounter competing over 100 locations not see them in the FIFA / Coca-Cola global positioning, the result is usually a formality. Thus, when Chad (ranked 175 in October) in 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia took the Red Sea (No. 51)? Qualifier in mid-November, the Pharaoh might have forgiven them consider three factors were taken.


But some people do not remember to tell Royce Sao Paulo, and in 90 African-Americans from the main square unfancied team final design of the African World Cup record in one of the larger problem of defeating the great northern Africa 1-0, ezechiel Ndouasel use The sole purpose of the review midway through the experience of a spouse. Surprising result, however, does not take a stand as an exception, but looks more like another stage of Chad stumble their way location, where they have risen to the first 114.


Rice Sao Paulo has a frustrating start to determine a national strategy, incorporating 2017 CAF Africa Cup, dropped to 2-0 and 5-1 defeat lazy in your house to the Red Sea in Nigeria. But at that time, the conversion factor adopted well, as coach Mohamed Oumar Yaya, who is in charge of a temporary base portion, the first round of the team World Cup in Sierra Leone qualifier surprising success. Rice Sao Paulo won 1-0 in your house, even if they were defeated 2-1 back leg, and the second round on away goals to their innovative qualifier.


In the meantime, it is not accurate news, Cameroon FIFA World Cup revealed? Story Rigobert Yaya music had changed, but although the former indomitable Tigers celebrities confirmed that he had a conversation with the Chadian authorities, he said, had nothing to complete. Yaya thus led the team for their next set, and he once again achieve significant results, because they are able to overcome Gabon 1-0 in the African National Championships qualifiers. Although their total outbreak 2-1, and is a step forward.


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Players who engage in Chad was promoted to the position of Marius Mbaiam. The midfielder, who performed his football team in French football Belfort third stage, in part one of the more knowledgeable players, has appeared in 11 World Cup qualifiers in three strategies. Mbaiam Informed think there is a valid description for increasing the team's performance. "A lot of the implementation has been completed recently. We believe that a real improvement, especially in the results. Trainer must get some money, of course, but the skills are already there."

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Talent despite Chad have never certified for a CAF African-american Cup of Countries, and the task seems too challenging on the method to Gabon in 2017 with The red sea and Nigeria in their team. However the 28-year-old Mbaiam considers the team still has a opportunity. “We must keep on the way we have convert out to be targeted. We have two essential activities to try out against Tanzania next Objective, and we will need to take the most factors we can.”

— Tuesday, December 29, 2015