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Peru's National Prison Administration announced on the 7th, the former chairman of the Football Association of Peru alleged involvement in corruption in the case of FIFA's only afternoon has been transferred to nearby Lima, a second prison.

Julio Magun, the Peruvian National Prison Authority confirmed that suspicion Istanbul and suspected of involvement in organized crime, money laundering and fraud, participation will be awaiting trial in the United States.

Peruvian Supreme Court has not yet decided to be held in the second sentence, but the United States will be required to file for the 60-day request for extradition judicial authorities in Peru cheap FIFA 16 gold coins.

4, Peruvian police received an international arrest warrant, the police, and in the days of the implementation of arrest. After being arrested, he was detained at the police station in Peru. 7, the Peruvian judicial authorities decided in Istanbul before adding extradition to the US to be withheld in the second prison. After his arrest, he insisted that he was innocent, he told reporters that he did not receive any bribe media.

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US authorities are expanding FIFA corruption investigations. US Department of Justice released the 3rd up to 92 charges 16 current and former executives of FIFA, they were accused of corruption, extortion, money laundering, including the Peruvian Football Federation Bruga former president.

— Tuesday, December 15, 2015