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Football match comments may be strange things. You never know where the reviewer is where it comes from, and how they think it might be different from what you want. Sometimes the work is to who is the most hated sports, sometimes it gives a so-called "resident expert." To let you know where I stand, I want to start with a little background information on this off. I played football for nearly 30 years.

I prefer a more realistic simulation of the old arcade style games, and possibly a slight deviation to the PES. I do, however, have a fairly open mind when it comes to today's debate PES VS FIFA, which only use one, I think is the best side; I have no brand loyalty at all. Last year, I prefer the 2015 PES, because I think that FIFA 15 is the revival of truly awful and the worst series since 2008.

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That alone should tell you one thing - if you love FIFA 15, we may have what 16 should be.For 10,20,30 your first game, both men and women, creating opportunities to think differently - not to mention Goals - the feeling is almost impossible. The result seems to be written in binary articles. Then everything clicks, you realize that this is because the virtual football should be; challenge your brain washable an organized opponent, instead of your index finger RT- holding endurance. As a result, this version of FIFA generally lack the immediacy, and some seek the end of last year to target high-grade ore terminal does not have the patience to persist. More fool them. After a few days with the game, play it more deliberately accumulate become second nature, and it is then you really can drink other small simulation improvements.e 16 in FIFA did not see much enthusiasm for football in the United States . In fact, we call it soccer, rather than football just to show how much, we do not care about the idea of ??the rest of the world. Classical beauty, right? In any case, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is out on Android, and I will do my best to explain it all. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is a mixture of old-fashioned football simulation game and collectible card game. By collecting the best players, you can build an unstoppable ball, kicking monster, crushing all opponents. Of course, this is an EA game, which means you have to give up some cash in order to avoid the above monsters on your way to grind endlessly.



— Wednesday, September 30, 2015