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FIFA 16 gives you the confidence to stop your opponent has the tools. Greater freedom of movement as a defender - rely on team defense as a unit and tracking your Topline menacing run to create a balance between offense and defense.

25 feature changes create a new agile guard tracing attacks on opponents as a defensive movement. Guards are able to seamlessly closed step by changing the direction of swing space, creating a situation under 1V1 balance. Defender acceleration time, with the fastest speed and athleticism help defenders greater freedom to leave their opponents, they want to break up the attack.

DEFEND AS a UNITDefend together, win together. All the best side in the world are defensive success, because the defense works as a unit. In FIFA 16, the new defensive AI gives players a better understanding, so that they can beat the opponent, to choose between covering dangerous spaces. Your teammates will run retroactively stop sophisticated attacks and shut down the angle of attack. If you look close challenge, you can rely on your teammates to cover the gap opponents.

New solutions fundamentals
And win back the ball stuck in tackling new mechanics and animation. Our new system makes it possible to control the slide tackle slide length. If it looks like an attempt to deal with failed or opposed to change direction, the defensive players are now able to stop mid-solve, got up off the ground, and to respond to changes in attack.

There are a variety of solutions. False tackle can be used to hinder your opponent to make the case they make a premature reaction. Standing in the air will help tackle intercept pass, and tackle the body can temporarily remove their attack other players, and give a slight advantage to you the initial counter lead.

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