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EA SPORTS FIFA 16 will be released on the 22nd / 24th September 2015, that it would be more than any one version or the other football matches you have played more beautiful. The crowning touch of the game "play beautiful" is very worthy of being hung this is what we will see today. Meanwhile FIFA 16 offers 25 fully owned skilled defense mechanism of the game, you defense.

The game uses a new unit of defense, you can control or order other players, and you play with a particular player to change position. Players will be expected to be better this time, but their offense, defense and midfield. Especially with media from around the world gathering, our FIFA 16 Demo and EA Sport's football practice on a large scale franchise Barclays Asia Cup gathered together at the Grand Hyatt Singapore on January 16 to find out what development

Suppliers have reached continuous improvement, so increased to franchise this year.

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Before we catch up with producer Matt.

A FIFA 16 biggest new feature, of course, including twelve women's national team in the game. It is not particularly clear how individual players will be awarded with their male colleagues, and how they will play a part in the game as a whole (that is included in the ultimate team player, etc.), but what is obvious from the outset walk there is a certain feeling, their own women's game compared to men. Play the momentum, and I hit Germany, the feeling of the face of slower than I hit the United States men's club competition, but this is not necessarily a problem. In fact, I like the fact that there is a differentiating factor between the women's and men because of both its arts and crafts play different tones. To focus on the organization and the momentum of the attack is the most important women's game, and scoring opportunities your distance is quite limited.

This is all about creating a moment to play the perfect pass or take extra touch to their time to take the shot, then it is very exciting and engaging experience for the first time. EA has also been working to get more licenses, which will allow for greater diversity, when it comes to game signage and video board. In addition to detailed information on these minors permit, they are trying again to acquire small waves UEFA license and take a big selling point for live football. More licenses will add more games in the small details, such as alliances, in-game advertising, and competitions.


— Tuesday, September 08, 2015