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After a very successful release for other football games listed (Pro Evo 2016), it is now turn to what version of FIFA Soccer audience is that they think football simulator should be. FIFA biggest addition this year, most of the hype in addition to the inclusion of the women's team of the game, we will talk about in detail later in the review. First of all, there are many in our games and other new features should be covered. A start of the season, another version of EA Sports FIFA eventually follows. The long-awaited FIFA 16, out of a global scale, bringing an increase in consumption of new game play, team and game modes to help consolidate its position as the best football game on the planet.

First up, the game play is much slower than in previous years. The rhythm of the game to give users more time to think on the ball. Construction play and patience to get the ball into the key. Regularly pass slowly, but you can pass (right bumper + A) by using a faster acceleration game. Among the trade-offs - yes, you can play a quick hard pass - Players will not be able to control the ball, and they want to. But it really saves time when it comes to finger press the button. Without having to press' X 'in a low cross to fight three players close to the goal line, a simple "right bumper + A' will do the trick.

This year's edition of FIFA introduces intelligent adjustment increase and games, the most significant increase is FIFA's team and women's team final draft of its usual handful. On the pitch, it plays many of the same as last year, maybe a little less emphasis on the pace. Interception is all the way up, but we refute the fact that it is very easy to get the ball in your field, and Sprint, which makes a lot of amazing counter - FIFA staple. I will not lie, it's a lot of fun, but live football supporters have a point when they point to more detailed restrained pace SIM is a positive. Crazy back-and-forth almost playing on the computer, and rarely attack any similar energy ball, unless you're playing a world-class, especially above difficulty is unrealistic feeling, sometimes.

All these dramatic changes between the time their edges blunted, then and now: a real shame. It seems, too many cooks spoil the broth served in a 'balanced' name, we have what is again slightly better product, it might actually be better by leaps and bounds. Yes, FIFA 16 FIFA 15 better than that, but consider what the waves bring to the table, to improve the feel empty, because PES 2016 years Yes far ahead of its competitors. This is the feeling of fighting contest between PES and FIFA in recent decades. Although FIFA has changed in recent years minimum, PES has taken a back seat, a thorough reform of its engine, then come back at any time this year are better than ever. With incremental update FIFA, the series has a host of age in a new era of remarkable.

What significant improvement "FIFA 16" is the physical realism in the game. Do not get me wrong; this is a great past "FIFA" version simply exhausted "sprint" button, the surge in the pace of extraction team, a well-aimed hit repeatedly Cross and a head game. It is equally satisfying not miss my point of view, regardless of the timing or path for the ball tackles. Opponents cringe at my affinity never misplacing a pass. But the transformation of playing sport and making it more hit AI
-miss proposition, because it is in real life. To defend the highest concentration, rather than arrogant, reckless button saccharification; this is how creepy approximation Eliaquim Mangala must have felt in his difficult season in Manchester.



— Thursday, September 24, 2015