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Even so long dedicated followers FIFA had turned to more and more impressive live football. EA fierce struggle to deal hegemony continues doing the same thing it has done for years to prove that each new release of the year sold the franchise - that open and close the court to obtain sufficient improvement evolutionary game is not something revolutionary. Some changes work better than others, or at least more obvious than others, but the overall effect of a combination, they are connected in series with a little bit more than last year.

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And how the women's game played out, although a considerable number of differences, it is obvious that, EA has spent a lot of time refining, and taking into account differences between the two. Man game is still very fast-paced, and counter attack and interception, in the forefront of the remaining goals. In women's competition, the entire rhythm eventually slow, so more computing and precise football game. Its unique feel and truly independent, which is in the grand scheme of things is a major positive. Career mode has been responsible for several significant improvements, the most notable is the inclusion of the preseason game, which gives you the off-season and during the formation of the players and the experiments opportunity to earn some extra money.

To get basic the first way, no FIFA 16 provides a mode of playing with it as much as possible with the territory for the series, and provide the same management, the player's career league games, World Championships, etc., from various events like official Capital cup or the Premier League, alongside international competitions. It's all here and it looks the part of the licensed glory thanks to messy, but the front-end management has not changed from its predecessor tile. All in all, players can absorb their hearts and minds to as much or as little as they care choices, and even extends to create fantasy teams and players, and if this is your phone. Admittedly, FIFA 16 is more complete, the issue and for the first time including the widely publicized women only championship event which is a welcome addition, but it does take a back seat in terms of the program than the average men's game.

A FIFA has been active in the past is a reality, they are trying to put in the game and they have the perfect amount, this time - in terms of the players faces, stadiums, comments and so on. Football is all about goals, even as a video game player. But FIFA 16 is more frustrating than any other users of previous versions. More emphasis this time has to organize attacks and possession, but it might take you a while to find out what players for your team. Is it possible to pass the ball just beyond your opponent, with a perfect, you will be very difficult to see the striker in a forward a keeper, unless you make a huge mistake.



— Wednesday, October 21, 2015