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FIFA 16, we played from an earlier version of the company's position on the 2015 E3 show, more is adjusted version of last year's version. Although women's football is a new inclusive, there are 12 women's team to participate in the official authorization of fun, games and more tweaking than overhauling, seldom far-reaching changes - ironically considering FIFA itself is undergoing its biggest in many years The rejig.

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There will be further changes and amendments to the new game still to be announced, but the game we played the game very much feels like FIFA 15 and this is by no means a bad thing. There is definitely some complicated details of the design done each player actions and reactions, you'll rarely see Rooney ramming through the defense, while Julian Draxler will play cuts pass, will work his way up to the box an amazing the step.

FIFA 16 did an excellent job in keeping FUT 16 (FIFA 16 Ultimate Team) in the heart of the game, additional features, such as lending a star FUT first gives an additional incentive. FUT unlike career mode, because you have to manage a team's strength depends on the fact that players communicate with the players. Therefore, the standard ratings range from 79 to 83, which makes it easy to operate the player, whether scoring or Abou Ramsay "bad luck" Diaby. There are a lot of roster changes, as well as a new set of players to get real faces within the game. However, I am disappointed that FIFA 12 surface Ramsey, surely he deserved his beard over Wales overall assessment changes.

The amazing pop for the latest FIFA series has been coming from EA Sports, and fans everywhere rushed to the front of the queue to catch them parts, and in some cases even lead out of the incision around the UK. Some people will ask what EA can not add to their long-running franchise football betting, while EA insisted on answering this call vitality and fun, constantly throwing things for years to attract us in the new year, there is shine our way. So, FIFA 16 this makes it worth some of our hard-earned money? Let's take a look at what's new and why we should (or indeed should not) be interested in the following new and updated soccer experience one column.


— Wednesday, October 14, 2015