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FIFA has been a game series, the real fight Highland create from the ground up last year, FIFA 08, FIFA continuously improve by leaps and bounds every year from its predecessor. FIFA 13 really hit its height, and it is understood to reach the summit, when FIFA 12 and 13 as absolutely fantastic football game, you want to know if they can keep pulling off year. Unfortunately dried up, they changed the FIFA produce 14 more physical and lazy, they appeared to be more realistic. 15 get everything in the demo next-generation consoles (or current record now). Premier League franchise and HUD official, and all 20 Premier League stadium This is a dream come true, this is shaping up to be a perfect game ...

Until you can actually play the game FIFA 16 ... that was my boring and slow, just a fine FIFA 14, FIFA an improved flawed in my opinion. FIFA 16 is just a silly game in my opinion, it is playing the point, FIFA really need a big change, a huge model of innovation and games. If you played a game FIFA, you beat them all, so there are reports that I need to do to set up the game very few adjustments. After playing the first game, I immediately set up a second game with a girl group (more in a moment), we see several options to choose from, including kits, stadiums period. I hope that we can choose to adjust weather conditions as this year's competition should include dynamic weather, but this option is not available. However, the referee disappear spray available. In addition, the offside line return.
More complex settings trainer system can also help quite experienced players have some more technical control of the game, including low altitude passes and driving ground pass, which the latter is a new and very useful addition to international FIFA 16. While playing a game where you can not have any of these advanced controls, making them easily accessible background in the game is helpful, but not a good trainer system to remind players of this. The game itself plays a little body better than FIFA 15, apparently has a lot of rebalancing of adjustment athlete statistics, especially in the sprint speed and power are involved.

This is done to make the game easily broken, because this - you may have difficulty keeping up with Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale, but they will not be unparalleled speed, which helps defend, which also made some new and useful mechanical, including counterfeit steals and tackles recovery. Now, you've got some tips on how to start your ultimate team does not have any excuse not headfirst dive into game mode and game players from around the world this glorious world. FIFA 16 has been able to PlayStation, Xbox and PC in the market, so go grab yourself a copy and start building your final lineup.

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You might not notice much no chemistry between your players in your second game, because there will not be many to go around. This is because, rather brutal, perfectly aligned your team's star players will be replaced by a bunch of relatively decent people a random emanating from League 2 and Modern A-League. This is a step-down control Messi, Bale and Ronaldo after a little like, but that's what you're here for - to establish an ultimate team, rather than a given to you on a plate.

That is to say no, FIFA 16 is a bad game; but it did not come in with a leaping PE there, it makes me worry about its long-term future. FIFA fans will point to the series of ace DTH, its comprehensive set of licensed teams, I will be very happy to admit it. I've lost many nights trying to pull my Notts County team in the lower leagues of marsh wetlands and improved player development side of things, the rise of young players worthy of note value as you persevere with them to build their own property in the training field on. As a single person's pursuit, FIFA PES lick in terms of structure, the volume of things to do, soak, but the game's monotonous Down You may season in long distance

— Friday, December 25, 2015