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EA Sports brings the ultimate football video game, they are aimed at establishing, for the FIFA 2012 game division of pure talent, and to determine the emotional speech soak the core. Amidst a lot of criticism of its intermittent unskippable cutscenes, I give FIFA 16 pairs of thumbs up signals a fan immersed today determine all sports except football video games. FIFA 15 is obsessed with lifelike soccer experience a mere stepping stone to EA Sports. As the impact of a highly polished engine appeared in FIFA 16, break your heart and correct it, all in the same game, very beautiful. The first touch is clearly not random, since a plurality of physical aspects of the real game in this so-called video game brought alive, the reaction time and the guide every moment of each pixel to determine how the ball will end.

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Repeat button saccharification FIFA leisure enthusiasts will not help more, PVP aspect with a bit of talent and reaction decide who is going to completely change the final to win it. EA did an incredible job to solve some of FIFA's server, because now I have almost no delay time to experience the game with my friends online. Updates to the actual game FIFA 16 side may be more and more subtle than some of the recent previous versions. The situation of the game show, the key to change this time around is "agility and control, man to man battle, the correct contact information and a new team management system." Agility and control, of course it feels as though they had some degree of overhaul elements. You seem to be able to accelerate, change direction, perform tricks and catch more beautiful, realistic been so than before, which makes the game feel more fluid.


— Wednesday, September 02, 2015