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In recent years, the debate of whether to play either FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer has been so one-sided commentary is starting to get more and more meaningless PES fall further and further behind the cash-rich FIFA. This year, things are different, and it certainly can not fail to benefit both sides. And outside the stadium FIFA has a beautiful interface and all approved licenses - it brilliantly reproduces all 20 Premier League, now have a great addition to the 12 women's national team. PES, however, still make you and Red Merseyside (Liverpool) and West Glamorgan City (Swansea), while in the lineup to select the menu that looks like Italy "90 play things.

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FIFA 16 course is the latest entry in EA's seminal footy franchise, and with the new year, we do not just get a new list, but a group of new features. Added this year, in various modes and a new life, providing a bit of the restructuring of the traditional formula of injection, while retaining the magic, making the FIFA franchise so popular year after year. Ultimate Team mode, FIFA in recent years to play real life, to get a new draft feature, allowing players a very short time (fortunately review time limit inclusive), to get some high-quality personnel to quickly make a great team to take any online or locally stored in the progress of a single player. FIFA Ultimate Team maintain long-term star, as it provided the impetus to improve chemical performance coming.

The core, however, the FIFA team is still the main selling point of the ultimate FIFA this year to improve the game was again introduced a draft FIFA Ultimate Team, which for want of a better word, is frickin "phenomenon. FIFA Ultimate Team Draft Fantasy football is a simple as minigames draft ultimate team in FIFA, where you select each player chooses a player in your team and the core then pit them against other like-minded football fans from numerous random. win You can earn gold package, what does not fit your final lineup lose, you went back to the ultimate team cleared another valuable draft FUT token coins so that you can all do it again. very beautiful.

When jumping into the game in FIFA 16, the first thing you'll notice is how much everything was relatively slow compared to last year. This reduction in speed can make you want to consider your next move, you will need to carefully consider this game can not be tolerated because it is already past. Pace abuser will be stopped in their tracks, and split the defense sphere or a labyrinthine run is very difficult to achieve, which is correct. Newly added feature allows players to pass as common throughout the park for direct, decisive pass. However, I think it is table tennis ball in the game, which is already in the past few years back a problem, this situation too much.

Artificial intelligence is blank smart and your teammates will be automatically covered, and stop trying to score better player. New tackling fundamentals, including standing, sliding tackles and false. Goalkeeper has also been enhanced, and smarter. They make fewer mistakes, make a ball really hard. Players can also make more accurate passing and shooting. Critics from numerous FIFA 16 comments already online pop-up, and the annual publication of football video games has been reviewed praise, so far. Many small improvements, as well as great new mode, making this year EA football game worth buying, review status. In PS4 version of FIFA 16 are currently based on 13 of the Metacritic average score of 83 out of a version and Xbox 100, with 86 based on 26 reviews Average evaluation.

The ultimate team player and then open the package for each position on the floor, they choose from each group to fill in their own team's players. These players are not you make after the draft mode, so they can not be transferred or FUT regularly used in the game. Once a team has been built, players engage in a single elimination tournament, up to four games. The farther you go against other online opponents game, the more coins you'll earn. This is not a huge change, with FUT, but it is to earn more coins a new and interesting ways. It also gives you rest from conventional FUT team, and allows you to use a team of some of the All-Star game.



— Saturday, October 10, 2015